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Devnirmit Agro Solution India is the organic food processing unit and solution provider for the farmers based in Uttarakhand. We have already 50 T of organically certified ginger in barren land, organic certified 15 T of turmeric and 10 T of Rajma. Sowing  was done in an untraditional way and we are using all the improvement in the product by using herbicides as the treatment for the seeds and the plantation instead of using any chemical fertilizers and insecticides.
We will be  setting up small scale food processing unit right there in the ginger field with better processing equipment to processed ginger to ginger powder and sell that it to the market as health & wellness product ,

DevNirmit Agro Solutions LLP, envisions to play a leading role in the development of agriculture, farmers livelyhood and natural conservation thus enabling to stop climate change. We use modern technology combined with deep rooted indigenous knowledge of agriculture along with science and innovation to achieve our goal. We plan to help the farmers market their produce directly and also process and market their goods. With the connected world of internet and mobile apps, we plan to bring this technology to the hands of the rural farmers. We have noted a decline in the youth taking up agriculture as a career and plan to change it. Migration has been a key issue in Uttarakhand and we hope to reverse it. The youth should be able to take up agriculture as their procession and live with dignity in their roots
At DevNirmit, we believe in the divinity of mother as the land, the soil, which gives birth to crops, people and animals. Spirituality is embedded in agriculture and allied industries. Respect and care for mother earth, the land, is top most priority of a farmer. They are the best agents to help stop climate change and environmental degradation of forests. The history of land is about loving mother earth. Who can forget the famous Chikpo Movement.

Acre Ginger Plantation
KG Ginger Seed Cultivated
Employment created

We are able to


Reduced Migration

We reignited spirit of agriculture, created employement and helped reduce migration of local to urban places.


With modern innovations being brought at farms, the yield has gone up. Thereby helping farmers to earn more per acre

Food Processing

Farm produce is processed and packed right on the farms, thereby reducing dependency on big companies.


Our distribution partners, help sell produce and processed food across India. This reduces middle man from chain.

Fresh Organic Produce

Organic Turmeric

  • From Uttrakhand Farms
  • INR 109/kg
  • Shipping extra

Pahadi Tur Dal

  • From Uttrakhand Farms
  • INR 259/kg
  • Shipping extra

Harsil organic Rajma

  • From Uttrakhand Harsil Farms
  • INR 299/kg
  • Shipping extra

Organic White Garlic

  • From Uttrakhand Harsil Farms
  • INR 299/kg
  • Shipping extra

Golfa Munsyari Rajma

Produced in the Himalayan region, this kidney beans are full of nutritious properties. Rajma grown in high Himalayan villages including Queri, Jimian, Saipolu, Lwan, Bona, Tomik, Golfa, Namik, Bui, Paton, Nirtoli, Jhapuli etc. villages with an altitude of more than seven thousand feet are known as Rajma of Munsiyari. . It has a special identity due to its taste and high protein content. Some marginally larger in size than the kidney beans grown in the plains, the beans are produced completely organically. No chemical fertilizers are use in  production .

Golfa Munsyari Rajma White

  • From Uttrakhand Farms
  • INR 350/kg
  • Shipping extra

Golfa Munsyari Rajma Red

  • From Uttrakhand Farms
  • INR 300/kg
  • Shipping extra

Our Services


We help getting excellent margin for the crop they produce. Increase income, increase employment and bring smiles in families.


We supply with fresh organic crops, fruits and wellness products to keep you healthy and fit. We can dispatch products to your house.


Our research team has compiled data on soil, farmers etc and we love to assist researchers and institution with our knowledge in the domain

Bulk Purchasers

If you are looking for bulk purchase, we welcome you to join hands and create a win win proposal for both. Contact us to know more

The Team


CEO & Founder
IIT Roorkee graduate with 19 plus year of exp in Manufacturing, Agriculture & Supply Chain across globe


Founder and Director of Administration& HRBP for Supply chain Network
Graduate in Arts with 25 year of Exp in Agriculture and Property Management


Field Social Networking Director
18 year experience in Uttarakhand in women welfare and social services


Sales Director
Science Graduate with more than 20 year of exp in Dairy and Agricultural Farming


Farm Manager
25 yr Plus Exp. in various crops farming




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